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  1. Hi everyone. Apologies that my reply is in English. I don't usually post on forums but having compared these two speakers this week I feel it was important to share my thoughts while they are fresh. I am the owner of the Audience 52SE and bought a pair of Contour 1.3SE a couple of weeks ago. To cut a long story short, the 52SE's are staying and I've sold on the Contours. Reasons - The Contours have deeper bass and reach higher and cleaner in the top end and they are absolutely gorgeous to look at and made exceptionally well. I had them in my system for 2 weeks but I found I wasn't enjoying music as much. I thought this was 'analysis paralysis' but I decided to put the 52SE's back into my system to check what I had before. The enjoyment was back! The 52SE's have a cohesive, enjoyable sound and all the richness in the midrange that makes music come to life. They also image better in my room. They may be lacking a little detail but they covey the emotion of the music which for me is the most important thing. About me (not that it's important) I am a professional musician, music producer and all around music fan. Also founder of IsoSlice isolation (no plug intended) System: IsoSlice Turntable (prototype), Trichord Dino phono pre amp, Primare i30 amplifier.
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